International Seminars for Alumni

Since 2009, the LWF Center Wittenberg has organized international seminars for pastors, laypeople and clergy in church leadership positions of member churches of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). Graduates of these seminars regularly ask for further training opportunities at the LWF Center Wittenberg.

For this reason, the LWF Center Wittenberg has developed a program for alumni for the first time in 2020: a digital “Refresher Course on the Historical and Dogmatic Key Points of the Reformation in Wittenberg.”

The online seminars are held in English.

Upcoming Seminars

There are no alumni seminars taking place at the moment
International Seminar for Alumni from LWF member churches

Participation Criteria

Invitations to alumni seminars are sent by the LWF Center Wittenberg directly to participants of previous international seminars.

Not all contact information is always available to us and up to date. Therefore, interested alumni can also contact the LWF Center directly and apply for participation.

The LWF Center Wittenberg selects the participants in coordination with the LWF Communion Office in Geneva from all applications received. Criteria such as regional affiliation, a balanced ratio of men and women, age distribution, etc., play an essential role. If not selected to participate, reapplication is possible for the next seminar.

Good proficiency in English is required for participation in the seminar.

“Participating in this new format for alumni has been a blessing for me. We can immediately apply what we learned in our contexts."

Rev. Miguel Ángel Núñez Vera, Lutheran Church in Chile
2020, photo: M. Núñez

Do you have questions about our seminars?

Please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

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