Welcome to the home page of the LWF Center Wittenberg

The office is situated in Wittenberg (Lutherstadt Wittenberg) in the building of the Wittenberg College. That is where Pastor Hans W. Kasch, Pastor Joachim Zirkler and Project assistant Annette Glaubig work as the contact person of the Lutheran World Federation for the Luther Decade and for the plans for the Reformation Jubilee in 2017.

The Lutheran World Federation considers it important to have a local representative during the process of planning and preparing for the big anniversary in 2017. The aim is to involve the member churches of the LWF in the preparations so that the significance of this event can be perceived and celebrated world-wide. "The Reformation Jubilee in 2017 should not merely be a reminder of an important past. It must remind us of God's future for the world," according to the general secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, the Chilean pastor Martin Junge.

With reference to 2017, Junge underlined that the Reformation started in Germany but now belongs to the whole world. "When we look back on 500 years of Reformation, we should do more than just mention its global significance. Churches from all over the world must participate in the joint reflection and celebration. They must challenge one another's theological reflection and practical action."

Martin Luther was a central instrument of the Reformation but the Reformation does not belong to the Lutherans alone. For this reason, the ecumenical dimension has an "important role" in the preparations for the Jubilee. The LWF Center will provide active support, take care to ensure that as much information as possible reaches the member churches and organize the projects and programs of the LWF in Wittenberg.

After decisions of the respective committes, the LWF Center in Wittenberg will continue its work even after 2017.

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