Appointments until 2017

International Seminars in coming years

If you are interested in seminars in the future you can contact the LWF Center. For the next seminars you will get an invitation directly. The application has to go via your church, because an endorsement of the leadership of the respective church is necessary.

For your information and long-term planning here are the dates for the next seminars. The themes are not yet fixed completely. Some have to be figured out.

13. International Seminar February 28th until March 12th, 2016 (fully booked)
Church and responsibility for the world - Prof. Dr. Walter Altmann, Brazil and Prof. Dr. Lubomir Batka, Slovakia

14. International Seminar November 5th until November 19th, 2016
Studying Luther in Wittenberg - Teaching Luther worldwide - Prof. Theodor Dieter and Prof. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, Strasbourg

15. International Seminar March 4th until March 18th, 2017
Reconciliation and freedom - Prof. Dr. Gordon Jensen, Canada and Prof. Dr. Paul Rajashekar, India

16. International Seminar November 4th until November 18th, 2017
Theme not yet fixed

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